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“Fruitful WordPress Theme”

Created: 05/06/2014
By: Fruitful code
Email: mail@fruitfulcode.com

Thank you for using Fruitful theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email us. Thanks!

Table of Contents

  1. Install Theme
  2. Import Demo
  3. Home page
  4. Page templates
  5. Post templates
  6. Setting up menus
  7. Content filling
  8. Theme Options: General
  9. Theme Options: Header
  10. Theme Options: Background
  11. Theme Options: Logo
  12. Theme Options: Colors
  13. Theme Options: Fonts
  14. Theme Options: Slider
  15. Display slider on home page
  16. Theme Options: Social Links
  17. Theme Options: Footer
  18. Theme Options: Custom CSS
  19. Theme Options: WooCommerce
  20. Sources and Credits

1) Install Theme - top

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. This installation guide will help you to install the WordPress. The theme files can be uploaded in two ways: Through FTP or through WordPress dashboard.

  1. Using your FTP program
    Upload the non-zipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.
  2. Upload Through WordPress
    Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Install Themes
  3. Type “Fruitful” in search field
  4. Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it.
    Navigate to Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.

2) Import Demo - top

Make sure you have clean WordPress setup. Before uploading the demo you need to know that wordpress create a sample page and a sample post when installing wordpress. You can delete them. Please take a look to the Widgets. Wordpress also set some default widgets in the widget area. Delete them also if wanted.

Theme settings

You can import the demo settings with just one click. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Import / Export.
Choose an import option and click on the image to import. The importing action can take some seconds. That's it.

Demo Content

If you want to get demo content pages like on demo website need install plugin WordPress Importer.
Visit Tools -> Import in the WordPress dashboard, select fruitful_dummy_data.xml from dummy-data folder.

3) Home page - top

  1. Go to Pages > Add new
  2. Select any title for the page, for example "Home"
  3. Save it
  4. Go to Settings > Readings and select Front page displays > A static page (select "Home")

4) Page templates - top

  1. Edit your page
  2. Choose layout type: Full width, Right sidebar, Left sidebar

5) Post templates - top

  1. Edit your post
  2. Choose layout type: Full width, Right sidebar, Left sidebar

6) Setting up menus - top

  1. Go To Apperance > Menu
  2. Create A New Menu by clicking on create a new menu
  3. Add your menu items as pages in left side menu
  4. Choose "Primary Menu" as in Manage Locations

7) Content filling

  1. Install recommended plugin - Fruitful Shortcodes
  2. After plugin activation in content area will be appear additional bar, learn more about plugin features

8) Theme Options: General - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > General
  2. Layout type: Responsive On / Off
  3. Display comment form and comments: Pages, posts
  4. Default theme styles: On / Off
  5. Reset theme options to default

9) Theme Options: Header - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Header
  2. Sticky header: On / Off
  3. Header background color
  4. Background image for header
  5. Background image size: Full width, center
  6. Header height
  7. Menu position: Right, Left, Center

10) Theme Options: Background - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Background
  2. Upload background image
  3. Choose background color
  4. Content background color

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Logo
  2. Upload Logo
  3. Upload Favicon
  4. Choose logo position: left, right, center

12) Theme Options: Colors - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Colors

13) Theme Options: Fonts - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Fonts

14) Theme Options: Slider - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Slider
  2. Choose slider type: Flex slider or Nivo slider
  3. Setup additional options
  4. Upload images
  5. Link URL - slide image target link
  6. Drag and drop each slide

Display slider on home page

  1. Edit home page
  2. Choose slider settings: Disable slider, Full width slider, Boxed slider
  3. Don't forget to remove [fruitful_slider] or [slider] shortcode from previous theme version.

Flex Slider: Additional options

Nivo Slider: Additional options

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Social Links
  2. Choose social link position: Header or Footer
  3. Add links to your social profiles

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Footer
  2. Add own copyright instead of default

17) Theme Options: Custom CSS - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > Custom CSS
  2. Add custom css styles with high priority

18) Theme Options: WooCommerce - top

  1. Appearance > Theme options > WooCommerce
  2. Enable / Disable cart in header
  3. Choose layout for shop: Left sidebar, Right sidebar or Full width
  4. Choose Woocommerce products per row for shop
  5. Choose number of products for shop pages

19) Sources and Credits - top

Fruitful Code - Web development company

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