31 Jul

New version 2.0

Before update please make sure you have a backup of your current website. Version 2.0 got major updates and you can cause damage to your previous content. All shortcodes moved to plugin territory since new version.

  • New: Shortcodes moved to plugin territory
  • New: Home page template
  • New: Page template switcher
  • New: WooCommerce tab in theme options
  • New: Theme options, Header background image size full width or centered
  • New: Theme options RTL support
  • New: Theme options, responsive menu select or button.
  • New: Ability to choose slider width boxed or full width.
  • New: Persian localization (fa_IR)
  • Improvements: German localization (de_DE)
  • Improvements: French localization (fr_FR)
  • Improvements: Russian localization (ru_RU)
  • Improvements: add_theme_page() instead of add_submenu_page()
  • Improvements: get_template_part instead of required_once
  • Improvements: Change default color for font in dropdown menu
  • Improvements: WooCommerce products per row
  • Improvements: WoCommerce additional styles
  • Update: Fancybox version
  • Update: select2 library removed
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce alert box shop page
  • Bug fix: Centered logo position at responsive site versions
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce alert box category page
  • Bug fix: Cart button and WPML position
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce related products styles
  • Bug fix: Theme options, comments option.
  • Bug fix: Scalable for iPhone

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