29 Aug

New Version 3.7

  • Info: Check capability with latest woocommerce version
  • New: Added WPForms support
  • New: Added ability to Subscribe for newsletters option
  • New: Added Subscribe for newsletters notification in admin Dashboard
  • Bug fix: Fixed styles for forms
  • Bug fix: Post css margin fix
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce styles
05 Apr

New Version 3.6

  • New: Add WPML support
  • Update: Woocommerce templates version
  • Update: Woocommerce depricated functions
  • Update: Removed title meta from header.php
  • Update: Zoom icon on Product page
  • Update: Meta Viewport tag
  • Update: Deprecated function removed
  • Bug fix: Product image for Variable products
  • Bug fix: Related Products on Product page
  • Bug fix: Shop search form
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce “Update cart” button
  • Bug fix: Custom mataboxes issue
  • Bug fix: JavaScript key navigation
  • Bugfix:  Notices on FlexSlider
  • Bugfix:  Widget layout bug
19 Oct

New Version 3.5

  • Bug fix: Woocommerce lightbox function error
  • Bug fix: Updating WooCommerce templates version
  • New: add Elementor support
  • Bug fix: Woccommerce update problem
  • Bug fix: Theme check errors
  • Update: Dummy Data update
  • Bug fix: Fixed back-top icon
21 Jul

New Version 3.4

  • Added: Social icon
  • Bug fix: Mobile menu
  • Bug fix: Empty Favicon Tags
  • Bug fix: Menu conflict with the plugin Woocommerce Catalog Enquiry
  • Bug fix: Button doesn’t change the color on cart page
  • Bug fix: Add menu item – bug fix css
  • Bug fix: Add slider images to xml, fix css h3 font-size
  • Bug fix: Viewport content and fix bug on Ipad
  • Bug fix: Customizer capability fix
  • Bug fix: Not sizing properly in landscape view on iPad
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce 3.0.0 select2.js
  • Bug fix: Sprintf() bug on install plugins
  • Improvement: Thumbnails for fullwidth posts
  • Improvement: Outdated copies of WooCommerce template file
  • Update: Timeout for page reload
  • Update: Mobile dropdowm menu
  • Update: Demo content
  • Update: Proceed to checkout button styles
  • Update: Slider layout settings update
26 Apr

New version 3.3.1

  • Improvements: Close menu in mobile and tablet after click
  • Update: Infinite scroll support
  • Bug fix: Mobile dropdown menu double click
  • Bug fix: display of comments using the Jetpack plugin
28 Mar

New version 3.3

  • Update: FontAwesome 4.5.0
  • Update: Credits and links
  • Bug fix: Menu display for IE9
  • Bug fix: Search button
  • Bug fix: Header height for mobiles with hamburger menu
28 Feb

New version 3.2

  • Improvements: Header background with hamburger menu
  • Improvements: FontAwesome icon in search form
  • Update: TGM plugin activation 2.5.2
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce, cross sell products, add to cart
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce, 5 products per row
  • Bug fix: Link in cart /”
  • Bug fix: Sidebar position for tags template
  • Bug fix: Slider, remove button duplicated
  • Removed: class from image type( field options)
10 Feb

New version 3.1

  • New: Color for WooCommerce cart icon
  • Improvements: “Default theme styles”. option disabled
  • Improvements: Header background image, added image crop in customizer.
  • Bug fix: Menu icon color
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce tabs position
  • Bug fix: Check if variable not empty, checkbox value on save
  • Bug fix: The 4th level of dropdown menu color
  • Bug fix: Menu position center, after update
  • Bug fix: The slider images are distored (width) in landscape mode
  • Bug fix: Stripslashes – textarea theme options
  • Bug fix: microsoft lumia support
11 Jan

New version 3.0

  • New: Customizer support
  • New: Ability to add fields in theme options with child theme
  • New: Color for hamburger menu
  • New: WooCommerce product, tabs position
  • New: Page templates by default > Blog
  • Update: FontAwesome
  • Update: Translation files
  • Update: WordPress 4.4.1 support
  • Update: WooCommerce 2.4.12 ready
  • Bug fix: Enable touch swipe on Flexslider
  • Bug fix: If retina logo field is epmty, display regular logo
  • Bug fix: When turn off the Sticky header option, the mobile optimized screen wont show the slider
05 Aug

New version 2.7

  • New: WooCoomerce product sidebar options
  • Update: WooCommerce 2.3.13 ready
  • Update: FlexSlider.js 2.5.0
  • Update: ru_Ru translations
  • Bug fix: Retina logo
  • Bug fix: Social media icons
30 May

New version 2.6

  • New: Retina logo
  • New: Retina favicons
  • New: French translations
  • Improvements: Theme options > General > Custom wordpress pages layout
  • Improvements: Code optimizations
  • Update: WordPress 4.2.2 ready
  • Update: WooCommerce 2.3.9 ready
  • Update: TGM plugin Activation 2.4.1
  • Bug fix: TGM Notice duplicated on Yoast admin page
17 Mar

New version 2.5

  • New: Default layouts for single post and default pages
  • New: Arabic translations
  • Update: TGM plugin activation
  • Update: WooCommerce 2.3.6 support
  • Bug fix: Google fonts load only if you have selected
30 Dec

New version 2.4

  • New: Ability to choose slider for pages.
  • New: Theme options > Colors, Woocommerce styles
  • New: Theme options > General, added layout switcher for additional pages
  • New: Social icon “Vimeo”
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce layouts for pages
  • Improvements: Change entry title tag h1 -> h2 for loop pages
  • Improvements: Reorganize code
  • Improvements: Translation updates
09 Dec

New version 2.3.1

  • Bug fix: Slider z-index
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce “add setting method”
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce price width
  • Bug fix: Remove deprecated function
  • Bug fix: Remove get blog info from theme backend
29 Nov

New version 2.3

  • Improvement: Custom menu widget, RTL support
  • Improvement: WooCommerce CSS
  • Improvement: WooCommerce 4 products per row, by default
  • Improvement: FontAwesome script activation with Fruitful shortcodes
  • Improvement: Ability to translate navigation labels
  • Improvement: Sticky header now with background image
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce Related products
  • Bug fix: Youtube iframe fullscreen
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce Product with empty content
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce Child Category fix
  • Bug fix: conflict with Fancybox
  • Bug fix: Extra margin removed
24 Sep

New version 2.2.1

  • New: Custom menu css styles
  • Improvement: css changes
  • Improvement: Adding the subset=latin-ext to the Open Sans font
  • Bug fix: BuddyPress textarea css styles
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce my account page, labels display
  • Bug fix: Content Image size
  • Bug fix: Slider display after version 2.2
19 Sep

New version 2.2

  • New option: Display Featured image on single post page
  • New: Social tab, tumblr icon
  • New: Social tab, soundcloud icon
  • New: Print CSS
  • New: bbPress support
  • Improvements: Slider js only for home page
  • Improvements: Facebook Comments support
  • Improvements: Author and Updated correction
  • Bug fix: Slider options
  • Bug fix: Responsive menu, on resize window
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce edit profile, drop down
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce checkout styles
08 Aug

New version 2.1.1

  • New option: Colors tab, social icon color
  • New option: Colors tab, social icon background color
  • New: Social tab, github social icon
  • Css improvements
07 Aug

New version 2.1

  • New: Social icons changed to the Font Awesome (CSS)
  • Improvements: Headline in sidebar, can be selected in theme options
  • Improvements: Sticky header effect
  • Improvements: WooCommerce additional CSS styles
  • Improvements: text domain updates
  • Updates: fruitful.pot
  • Bug fix: Nivo slider skins
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce number of products in row single product
31 Jul

New version 2.0

Before update please make sure you have a backup of your current website. Version 2.0 got major updates and you can cause damage to your previous content. All shortcodes moved to plugin territory since new version.

  • New: Shortcodes moved to plugin territory
  • New: Home page template
  • New: Page template switcher
  • New: WooCommerce tab in theme options
  • New: Theme options, Header background image size full width or centered
  • New: Theme options RTL support
  • New: Theme options, responsive menu select or button.
  • New: Ability to choose slider width boxed or full width.
  • New: Persian localization (fa_IR)
  • Improvements: German localization (de_DE)
  • Improvements: French localization (fr_FR)
  • Improvements: Russian localization (ru_RU)
  • Improvements: add_theme_page() instead of add_submenu_page()
  • Improvements: get_template_part instead of required_once
  • Improvements: Change default color for font in dropdown menu
  • Improvements: WooCommerce products per row
  • Improvements: WoCommerce additional styles
  • Update: Fancybox version
  • Update: select2 library removed
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce alert box shop page
  • Bug fix: Centered logo position at responsive site versions
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce alert box category page
  • Bug fix: Cart button and WPML position
  • Bug fix: WooCommerce related products styles
  • Bug fix: Theme options, comments option.
  • Bug fix: Scalable for iPhone